HamiltonLawrence, NY

"Success is the sum of details..."

This Lawrence, New York home is an example of fine brick craftsmanship. The home features an abundance of old world details requiring a high-level of skill and technique.

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MadisonWhitestone, NY

"A picture is worth a thousand words..."

This home features full brick construction. The young homeowners asked Roma to duplicate a photo of arched windows they admired. Utilizing bricks of varying sizes, Roma made their dream come true.

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Jefferson A Long Island Estate

"Leave no stone unturned..."

This grand home spared no details from custom fretwork to palatial chimneys, our artisans utilized brick and durable cast concrete to create this look.

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Roosevelt A North Shore Estate

"The details always tell the story..."

A conglomerate of structural stone and pre-cast masonry blend together various styles of modern masonry design.

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Monroe A New York Estate

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever..."

This beautifully crafted home is perfectly proportioned with napoleon brick and a wide mix of shapes throughout. Elegant and timeless window arches create the a soft look with the rigid splendor of brick.

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Harrison New York

"If you can dream it, we can build it..."

This estate takes pre-cast masonry to the highest degree of style. Decorative keystones top off the arched entryways and elaborate windows - creating a decorative and robust look.

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Johnson New York

"Design is everything..."

From hand-made brick to custom decorative corbels, this estate takes full advantage of all that fine masonry has to offer. A custom tower takes shape with an elaborate balcony guarded by custom ballistrades and curved design features throughout.

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Wilson A Long Island Estate

"Details create the big picture..."

This home features water table shaped bricks and add to its style with pre-cast accents. A custom covered basement entrance was built as a nice addition to the back of the home. Arched windows are surrounded with pre-cast in just the right touch.

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Adams A New York Estate

"One With the Land..."

The owner of this unyielding estate put great importance on Roma to use materials from the native area in the building itself. As such, this home blends into the surrounding landscape. The end product is an old-world style of masonry to create a retreat of sorts from fast-paced, modern living.

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